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Tubemate for pc free download-windows xp/7/8/10


  ubemate for PC is an gift for those who love to watch, download and share videos from YouTube. Tubemate for pc is the best application for downloading videos in mobile as well as PC. Tubemate provides you with easy and fast download features. Tubemate can also be used to download videos from various websites. Tubemate Apk is a favorite app for android users for video downloading. Now Tubemate app is available for PC as  well as MAC users. Now you can use Tubemate app from PC to download your favorite videos.

Tubemate for pc

Tubemate For PC and its features:

For all those who are hearing the term Tubemate for the first time here is a brief introduction.

Tubemate for pc is an app which allows you to download videos from various websites. Tubemate is available for android, windows and MAC as well. With just a single click you can download videos from your favorite websites. Tubemate is well known for its fast download capability.  You can download multiple videos simultaneously. Resuming of the download is also quite easy. Tubemate can be used to download videos of various quality such as 144p, 240p, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1280p. Tubemate for PC can also be used to extract audio from the  video. Tubemate can play videos under any network like 2G, 3G or 4G. You can also share videos via email Facebook twitter. Tubemate for pc is the simplest and easiest video downloader.

Basic features of Tubemate For PC:

1.Search and Download videos:

It is easy to search for your favorite videos as the Tubemate has an inbuilt browser. You can change the browser from YouTube to other websites if necessary. We can easily search for our favorite videos from any website and just one click to download it.

Tubemate home page

 2. User friendly:

Tubemate has an user friendly interface. It is thus easy to use by anyone.

3. MP3 Converter:

Some of us want only the playback audio of an video. With Tubemate it is possible to get the audio file. We can download the audio file without downloading the video. It is efficient in saving the data.

4. Multiple Download:

With the multiple download feature you can download multiple videos at a time. You can set the maximum limit for multiple download by going to the settings.

5. Fast Download mode:

With the fast download mode Tubemate utilizes  the maximum bandwidth available by the network to complete the download swiftly.

6. Resume Download:

In Tubemate you can resume the download even after a long break. You can download the video whenever you feel it necessary.

Tubemate for pc

7. Sharing videos:

You can share videos to your friends through Tubemate. You can share via email, twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

8. Background Download in Tubemate for pc:

You don’t have to wait inside the app to complete the download. With the background download option you can download the videos while surfing the internet or doing other things in the mobile

9. Multiple Resolution:

With the use of Tubemate you can download videos in multiple quality. The quality of the video ranges from low 3gp to high definition(1080p) quality.

Tubemate for pc

10. Less app memory:

The memory size of the app is very less. It can be conveniently installed in any device.

Download Bluestack App For PC:

Here we provide you the free link to download Tubemate App for PC. Please click the download button to start the app download.Unfortunately Tubemate for PC can be installed only through Bluestack App. To download the Bluestack App please click the first download Button. After installing the Bluestack App follow the below steps.

Tubemate for pc android

Download Tubemate For PC:

After the completion of the Bluestack download, follow the steps given below to install the Tubemate app and enjoy your favorite videos by downloading in your PC.Tubemate  android

Click the image below to download the Tubemate for pc.

Steps to Use Tubemate For PC:

Follow these basic steps to install Tubemate for PC and enjoy free downloading.

  • After downloading the installer package right click on the package and open with Bluestack.
  • As you know Bluestack is an Android emulator which will open the android application in the Windows pc.
  •  Accept the terms and conditions and click on the next to complete the installation.

Install Tubemate apk

  • After completing the installation click to open.
  • YouTube page will appear as the homepage with the Tubemate icons at the top of the screen.

Tubemate home page

  • You can change the website by clicking the left top corner icon.
  • Select your favorite website and search for the videos required.
  • Click on the video to open.
  • At the right top will be a green arrow icon. Please click on the icon to start the download.
  • After clicking the download a screen to select resolution will appear.

Tubemate for pc

  • Select the required resolution and start the download.

Tubemate for pc multi download

  •  You can change the location of the storage by going to the settings.
  • You can also maintain a playlist in the Tubemate for pc.

Now enjoy unlimited free video download at high speed using Tubemate for pc.

Tubemate video downloader

Open with Bluestacks

Tubemate pc

Enjoy Downloading

Conclusion about Tubemate For PC:

This Tubemate is a great app for users who love to watch online videos repeatedly. You don’t have to waste data to watch the video each time instead you can download it using Tubemate Apk. I hope you got the information you were searching for. Please visit us again for more update.


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